It is difficult to define the space in one encompassing word, as its reveals itself and functions in so many different ways.  As a photography studio, an office, a retail space, a space to store inventory – which is why, the term that is always open to interpretation ‘studio’, is often used interchangeably with ‘store’. 

As an e-commerce business, the need for a space was not an immediate priority, however, the importance of separating our home from our work place was essential for our well-being.  The need for customers to sense and interact with the product was equally weighted – to feel their substance, to see and understand their assembly and materiality, and so that we might find a personal connection with our customers.  Engaging a dialogue between the maker, manufacturer, retailer and user is defining for our business and design philosophy. The opportunity to exchange stories help to inform us of why people grow to love things,  why people make things, and bring us to say:  “I am so grateful that something exists the way it does”. 

We visited the space three times before admitting that we had fallen in love. We moved in, just as the new year was beginning, January of 2017. 

The layout of the studio reveals two priorities – organization and the view looking east over the Exchange District toward St – Boniface. The walls are lined with shelving full of goods that respond well to the soft light that passes through the narrow, east-west orientated room. A purposeful butcher block is situated centrally where packaging and gathering take place – rolls of stickers, natural papers and tissues, and neat stacks of fine printed materials to accompany each package, have their place. 

It is true, that everything in this space has its place.