Bathrooms are one of the trickiest rooms in the house when it comes to keeping them neat, tidy, and pretty.

It’s a high traffic room to begin with, plus add in a whole medicine cabinet to keep organized, kids who splash water every time they brush their teeth, and you can see why bathrooms pose such a challenge.


Rather than plan out a whole bathroom reno to try and make more space or reconfigure fixtures, we have a couple of easy ideas for turning your bathroom from stressful and disorganized, to clean and beautiful.

We believe that every part of your home should bring you joy – bathrooms included!

Here are five easy ways to give your bathroom a simple but beautiful upgrade.

1| Organize your countertop with a tray or basket.

It’s next to impossible to keep clutter off of a countertop or vanity so we recommend using a simple metal tray or even a wire basket to consolidate soaps, lotions, and anything else that’s used frequently.

2| Keep bathtub essentials on a stool or table near the tub.

Rather than stacking bottles around your shower or tub and causing messy, sticky corners – try storing sponges, towels, and other essentials on a stool or small table next to your bath area. It will help keep even a small space more organized.

3| Organize shampoo and soap bottles.

Another way to keep your bathtub clutter to a minimum is with custom shelving in your shower or tub. We love the look of our simple brass shelf on a tile wall and it’s the perfect way to elegantly store the shower items that you’re always reaching for.

4| Use a kitchen towel as a bathmat or hand towel.

Bath rugs and hand towels can be surprisingly pricey. If you want to add a quick new detail to your bathroom, a pretty kitchen towel can work just as well as expensive textiles. Plus, kitchen towels are just as absorbent and can give your space an easy, lived-in feel.

5| Put refillable hand soap into a new bottle.

We’re all for purchasing soap refills and using our own amber bottles to make our bathroom feel simple and uncluttered with not-so-pretty plastic bottles and packaging.

We hope these quick and easy ideas help you refresh and update your bathroom. For a room that gets so much use, it’s worth sprucing up every now and again!