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textile no. 4 tea towel – cream


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“I work with functional textiles, because I think that the objects we handle in connection with everyday chores and activities should hold artistic value.” – Karin Carlander

TEXTILE No. by Karin Carlander is a textile studio based in Denmark where the focus is on sustainability, multifunctionality and a mix-and-match colour palette. The name TEXTILE No. has roots in the system of numbers that are widely used to indicate the thickness of the yarn and the number of threads, crucial information for the weaver when planning a textile.  Each No. represents a size and comes in a variety of designs. The design may change, but the No. stays the same.

This textile is an agricultural product and it is handled with craftsmanship, knowledge and care through seven separate processes all done within Europe. The linen is spun from flax naturally grown and retted on the ground in fields stretching from Caen, France through Belgium to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. In this specific area the water requirements of the flax are met naturally by rainfall. Only flax from this area, with 100% European transformation, carries the Masters of Linen certification.

27.5″ L x 20″ W

Material: 100″ Flax Linen

Made in Denmark

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