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sisal floor basket


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Made of sisal, a natural fibre extracted from an agave plant, these baskets are beautiful, durable, and useful – everything that we love.

Swahili Modern is a fair-trade company that partners with local artisans in multiple African countries to create beautiful and traditional woven baskets.

As each basket is handwoven by individuals, there will be variations from basket to basket. The product image gives an idea of what the basket will look like, but no two baskets will be exactly the same. Handles will vary in style and size and baskets may be larger or smaller, or taller or shorter than pictured.

*These baskets packed down and folded to allow for more economic shipping.

Reshaping tips:
Lightly spray creased areas or saturate the basket with cold water to keep colours from bleeding. To shape the basket, press against the woven fibres to mould the basket to the desired shape. Once dry, place the basket on dry cardboard or newspaper. Repeat as necessary.

Approximate dimensions: 16” D x 10” H

Material: 100% natural sisal fibre

Handwoven by the women of rural Kenya

*Handcrafted Product Disclaimer*
This product is handmade, one at a time, using natural materials. It is therefore impossible to produce identical products even though they are crafted by professionals. We believe that the natural imperfections and blemishes are what make this product charming and unique, we hope you do too!

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