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In 1846, Stanislas Renault opened a workshop on the grounds of an old castle in the Loire Valley, France. Made from local grey clay and finished by hand, his salt-glazed pottery soon became a staple in not only the local cafes, but restaurants and hotels across the country.

Five generations later, the Renault family was still handcrafting this iconic stoneware the old fashioned way. Since closing their doors, pieces from the Poterie Renault line have become more than a collection of staples for cafes and restaurants. They’re a piece of history, exquisite craftsmanship and style.

Dimensions: 6″ diameter x 4″ height | 6.5″ diameter with lip x 4″ height

Materials: Stoneware

Care instructions: Hand wash

Made in France

Please note that all pieces from the Poterie Renault line are no longer in production. This means that our collection will be an exclusive, singular run.

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