Pallares Solsona knife – carbon steel



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Favoured by many, this knife is a must-have in every kitchen. Its sharp blade renders it extremely efficient for slicing while its charming design makes it ideal for serving a cheese board.

Pallares has been making knives in Solsona, Spain since 1917 and is now run by third generation craftsmen. After nearly 100 years, they continue their unwavering commitment to producing high quality sharp knives.

Care instructions: Carbon steel is recognized for being a hard steel, keeping the blade sharper longer. This blade material will stain and must be wiped after being used. Over time a beautiful patina will develop. If the blade is not dried after being used it may develop rust.

Available in 13cm and 9cm.

Material: carbon steel blade, boxwood handle

62 – 66 HRC Rockwell scale

Made in Spain

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