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Made with a blend of fragrant essential oils, Murchison-Hume laundry fragrance gives laundry a professional finish and a luxurious, lingering scent. Comes as a set of 3 fragrances.

Original Fig: A freshly picked “green” fig. The deep sweetness of fig is refined and lifted with the zest of cranberry and bergamot. A great way to perk up the darkest days of winter and welcome in the spring.
Japanese Quince: Your new favorite fragrance. Delicious and inviting. Our Quince is a bright engaging scent with ripe red berries and citrus top notes over a fleshy guava and white floral base. A refreshing fruit fragrance that will brighten any space.
Basil Mandarin Kale: Like your favorite salad! A bright, botanical blend of just-cut greens and herbs is rounded out with juicy citrus. This is a fresh, clean fragrance that everybody loves.

Instructions: Once your laundry is dry (or almost dry) just add 5-10 drops to wool dryer balls and chuck them into the dryer. Run for about 15 minutes on a low heat/no heat setting to gently or deeply infuse your laundry with a delicious scent.

You’re in control. You can adjust the level of fragrance and use a single scent or layer them to create your own, signature scent.

Each set contains enough fragrance for 120 loads of laundry.

10ml (.34fl.oz) per bottle

Made in the USA

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