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Traditionally used to warm milk, this crisp white milk pan can also be used to warm up your favourite sauces on the stovetop. Use for hot cocoa, homemade herbal lattes, or savoury sauces and marinades.

The clean, white colour makes for a beautiful canvas for the vivid colours of your latest creation to shine and delight.

Please note: The beautiful white enamel finish is applied by hand, one by one. Therefore, some colour irregularities and unevenness may occur. Please understand that these are not defective products, but rather unique characteristics of each handmade product.

Measurements: 4.75″ W x 10″L (with handle) x 2.1″ H |12cm W x 25cm L (with handle) x 5.3cm H

Materials: Enamel coated steel, maple wood handle

Care instructions: Hand wash and dry. Do not leave empty on a heat source. Not safe for the microwave, induction cooktops, over an open flame or in the oven.

Made in Japan

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