linen kitchen cloth calendar – pastries a-m


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Admire French baking without the calories! These lovely linen calendars help you count down the days and will maybe inspire you to do some baking.

French illustrator Isabelle Boinot has drawn French sweets from A-Z, with one calendar using A-M, and the other calendar N-Z. Which baking…ahem…calendar will you choose?

Hand-wash or machine wash with cool water. Linen is not pre-washed. You can expect some shrinkage of anywhere from 10-15%. Line-dry is best, but linen can be tumble dried on a cool setting. Do not wash or dry on high heat.

25″ W x 18″ H

Material: 100% Linen

Made in Lithuania

Please note:
As a part of our seasonal Winter Shop collection, this item is final sale and is not eligible for return or exchange.


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