handmade patchwork quilt


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The art of patchwork dates back thousands of years (around 3400 BCE to be exact!). Ancient Egyptians used the technique for clothing and wall hangings and it is understood that Chinese patchwork took root during the Liu Song Dynasty.

In North America, patchwork experienced widespread revival during the Great Depression. It was the ideal way to use recycled fabrics and clothing to create quilts and coverings to keep family’s warm throughout the years.

Patchwork tells a beautiful story, lovingly spoken through its colourful patterns. Drape over your bed, fold it neatly on the couch, gather together upon it for your next picnic… these quilts are meant to be cherished by you and yours to create your own stories.

Materials: 100% cotton

Measurements: 140cm x 180cm (55″ x 70″)

Responsibly handmade in China


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