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donabe clay steamer


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Capable of steaming vegetables, dumplings, rice and also capable of keeping food cold, the Donabe is a thing of beauty and function. Hand crafted using clay found only in the Ina region of Japan, the Donabe clay steamer is loved by both professional chefs and home-cooks alike. Each of Nagatani-en’s Iga-yaki donabe is truly an artisanal piece of work and takes about 2 weeks for each donabe to be made.

The clay of the Iga region comes from 4-million-year-old earth layers which once used to be the bottom of Lake Biwa. From this special historic porous clay, which naturally has high absorbency and heat retention, all the iga-yaki (traditional Iga-style) pottery is made.

Given the nature of the clay, small, vein-like cracks will appear on the outside of the Donabe. With exposure to heat, dark spots will appear over time on the bottom of the Donabe. Both are completely normal and will not negatively affect the functionality of the Donabe.

Oven safe, hand wash only. Not suitable for use on induction or glass stovetops. Be sure to follow care instructions included in the box.

Dimensions: 13″ D x 8″ H

Material: Porcelain

Handmade in Japan

*Handcrafted Product Disclaimer*
This product is handmade, one at a time, using natural materials. It is therefore impossible to produce identical products even though they are crafted by professionals. We believe that the natural imperfections and blemishes are what make this product charming and unique, we hope you do too!

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