capella star ornament – 20cm


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Each capella star ornament brings a homemade yet refined touch. The large paper star embraces its natural colour, allowing it to complement a myriad of decor colourways and styles. Given its large size, it is a beautiful standalone piece, while also strikingly beautiful when paired with gold, brass, or other rich, earthy colours.

Hang a number of these from the ceiling, or enjoy them in a doorway or hallway for a simple yet eye-catching display.

Simply pull and tie the string to gather the star and hang it wherever you like. The instruction is printed on the packaging. As an alternative to tieing the string at the top, you might also like to try using a small clip that you can then remove at the end of the season.

Thick stock paper

20cm (7.8″) Ø

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As a part of our seasonal Winter Shop collection, this item is final sale and is not eligible for return or exchange.

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