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As elegant as it is practical, this brass fountain pen will be an instant classic and one that you will reach for year after year. Equipped with a simple but sturdy clip, it also features a brass loop at the top for attaching to a lanyard, string, or chain. Inspired by the vintage bullet pen, it is a perfectly pocket-sized writing companion designed to be taken with you wherever you go. We also recommend letting it sit on your desk for optimal opportunities to admire is timeless aesthetic.

The brass will begin life with a shiny finish, later developing a patina that will be completely unique to you and your pen.

This fountain pen comes with a fine (0.5mm) steel nib and uses international standard short cartridges. Each pen comes with one cartridge.

Refills sold separately.

Dimensions: Closed: 10 cm | Open and capped: 14.5 cm (3.9″ | 5.7″)

Made in Japan

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