The holidays can be a hectic time – we get it! And the pressure to find that ‘perfect gift’ never ceases to creep into our minds. To help ease this pressure, we’ve curated a holiday gift guide for you to peruse, utilizing our Guide to Mindful Gifting.

Our hope is that it will help you navigate this season’s beloved ritual with ease and intention. Each item we’ve included on our list this year has been selected with the utmost attention to detail, with sustainability, longevity and timelessness top of mind. 

Reclaimed Wooden Ornaments

Fair Trade and crafted by hand in Guatemala on the shores of Lake Atitlan in a family workshop, each tree is carved from multiple shades of reclaimed, natural wood. These beauties transcend time, trends, and even seasons; for as suitable as they are for holiday décor, they’ll create a gorgeous woodland scene season through season. Perfect for anyone on your list who appreciates fine craftsmanship, woodworking, and of course, the natural beauty of trees!

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Board Games

In this digital age, we often search for ways to engage with each other that don’t involve a screen. Not only are board games a totally timeless pass time (and just plain fun), they provide opportunities to connect with loved ones and form memories that will be cherished for years. (It’s always enjoyable pulling out the game to find the score from the last time the game was played, scrawled on an old piece of paper!)

Reinvented to look equally good while playing or while displayed on a coffee table, it’s the perfect gift for both the game lovers and design enthusiasts on your list.

Find our selection of board games here.



Brass Mills

There’s nothing better than giving someone a gift that they end up using and loving year after year. These brass mills are pretty much guaranteed to become that beloved item! Expertly crafted and widely praised for their aesthetic value, functionality, and durability, anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen will adore a set of these brass mills.

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Handwoven Baskets

If you’re looking for a sustainable gift this season, these handwoven baskets embody the idea of sustainability in a plethora of ways. Not only are they fair trade, handmade, and produced by an eco-friendly company, they are beautiful to behold and unquestionably useful. A great option for anyone on your list who leans towards the more practical parts of daily life.

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Hera Candle Holder

While we love candles and truly believe they make excellent gifts, eventually they do burn down. This year, why not give a gift that keeps on giving; pair it with a taper candle and rest assured that your loved one will be enjoying their candle holder for many a cosy night to come.

Additionally, each of these candle holders has been handmade in Fair Trade conditions using natural materials.

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Jacquard Wool Blanket

An heirloom to be treasured. If you’re looking for something extra special this season, it can be found wrapped up in this striking woven blanket. Inspired by heavyweight wool blankets produced in North America in the early 1800’s, each jacquard wool blanket embodies a nod to tradition, design, and timeless beauty. It’s the blanket that you’ll pull out season after season, generation after generation.

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Brass Fountain Pen

As elegant as it is useful, this pen will become a cherished favourite in no time. Not only can this pen be reused and refilled time after time, but it is also easy to care for and designed to last for years. In theory, it’s the pen to end all pen purchases!

A thoughtful gift for any stationery lover on your list, or for someone who appreciates details and design.

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Moku Linen Room Shoes

Made from all-natural fibres, these lightweight and breathable slippers have been designed to up the cosy factor on the daily, all year ’round. Perfect for the homebodies and comfort seekers on your list.

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Linen and Leather Apron

An elevated kitchen staple for the home chef in your life. Lovingly made by hand in Lithuania, each apron is 100% linen, featuring adjustable genuine leather straps and two thoughtfully placed pockets. Designed to last, these durable aprons are a true classic that will never go out of style.

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linen and leather luxury apron



Dutch Oven

Perfect for use as a deep fryer, a boiling pot or a casserole dish that can effortlessly go from stove to oven, to table. Designed to inspire newcomers and satisfy pros, we feel every kitchen would benefit from having a dutch oven on hand for meal prep. Each dutch oven is made from 40% recycled cast iron, non-toxic, and even dishwasher friendly. With three colour finishes to choose from, you’ll find it to be another timeless classic for the foodie on your list!

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Therapy Pillow

Give the gift of comfort and warmth this season to someone you know who could use some! This pillow is made of all-natural materials, featuring a linen and cotton blend and filled with clay beads that can be warmed up or cooled down. The perfect gift for anyone who could use some encouragement to slow down and carve out some time for themselves.

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Stoneware Serving Bowl

These generous serving bowls will be just the thing for anyone in your life that lives to host! A beautiful white canvas for their next culinary creation, equipped with handles for serving with ease. Each stoneware serving bowl was crafted by hand in Tunisia and free of toxic heavy materials and carcinogens. A clean choice, both aesthetically and literally.

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Beeswax Tumbler Candle

Poured by hand and made of 100% pure Canadian beeswax, these glowing beauties will never disappoint. The benefits of beeswax are plentiful, and in this case, come along with a reusable jar! Simply clean out the amber jar and repurpose for tealights, votives, or as a catch-all. A great choice for the eco-conscious, low-waste people in your life.

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We hope that no matter what you end up placing under the tree this year, you enjoy this ritual half as much as we do.

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