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round handwoven storage hamper – 5 sizes
Organize your linens, laundry, toys, odds and ends, etc., with these exquisite storage hampers. Handwoven with sustainable grasses, these baskets…

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Recommended Reading: Our top 7 life-affirming books

The joy of getting lost in a good book is unparalleled. Enveloped by new worlds, and challenged by…

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How to Enjoy Your Phone Again

Do you ever feel like you're spending too much time on your phone? Furthermore, do you ever wonder if it's…

A Playlist for Wandering

Inspired by the sensation of being lost in thought; by holding curiosity for what could be around the next corner;…

Refresh Your Space: Small changes for a big difference

If you’re here, it likely means that you appreciate details; the subtle elements that encourage everyday…

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Fresh perspectives.

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June's Story

Our philosophy is quite simple: we love beautiful and functional pieces that help foster a sense of beauty in our dwellings. Our focus is on creating homes that invite and celebrate the simple moments of everyday - dinner by candlelight with loved ones, curling up on the sofa with a warm blanket and a favourite book, quietly washing dishes pondering the beauty of life. These quiet, unassuming moments we share at home are often the richest and give our lives a sense of beauty and meaning that transcends mere aesthetic.
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