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faux cedar wreath
Display this beautiful wreath on any door or mantle place to add festivity and warmth to your home. Enjoy the…

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Holiday Gift Guide: A Mindful Selection

The holidays can be a hectic time - we get it! And the pressure to find that 'perfect…

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Mindful Gifting: How to approach gift giving with intention

There are no two ways about it: The Holidays have Arrived. And along with them, a flurry of festivities and…

Winter Lookbook: Handmade Moments

What are the holidays if not a collection of unassuming moments? 


how to warm your space without adjusting the heat

As the leaves flutter down from the trees and we marvel at the golden autumnal canvas outside our…

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June's Story

Our philosophy is quite simple: we love beautiful and functional pieces that help foster a sense of beauty in our dwellings. Our focus is on creating homes that invite and celebrate the simple moments of everyday - dinner by candlelight with loved ones, curling up on the sofa with a warm blanket and a favourite book, quietly washing dishes pondering the beauty of life. These quiet, unassuming moments we share at home are often the richest and give our lives a sense of beauty and meaning that transcends mere aesthetic.
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