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Lake life.

Turkish towel – ophelia
Also known as “peshtamals”, Turkish towels are both aesthetically appealing and useful. Peshtamals are soft, light weight, absorb water quickly…


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Recipe: Simple Edible Flower Popsicles

Here in our hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, we're right in the middle of a heatwave. It's been two weeks…

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A Better Nap

The history of the nap dates back thousands of years, but the modern day nap originated in Spain with the…

Recipe: Made From Scratch Sourdough

We know that sourdough has been all the rage lately on social media and in kitchens everywhere as we…

Get Your Hands Dirty

Why Gardening is Good for the Soul

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Our philosophy is quite simple, we love beautiful and functional pieces that carry a timeless aesthetic. We believe that your living space should be a source of inspiration, a place where you’re surrounded with home and lifestyle wares that elevate the everyday.
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